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Prinil 2 years ago
She looks like a Nurse named Rosy Jose Varambel of Kottayam, Kerala, India. She works now in Israel. She is a best pussy to fuck. I can't forget the time I spend with her in Kolkata when she worked in Apollo hospital and in GIMS. Although I am remotely associated with her and I am married, I got opportunity to have sex with her very often. She gives good blowjob.
BASIL 2 years ago
Wow. My friend Prinil use to fuck this girl in Kolkata. Her name is Rosy Jose Varambel it seems. She is a good bitch. She craves to fuck. Sex addict pussy, one can fuck her all night.
Her Name is Rosy Jose Varambel 2 years ago
i know her
Charan 6 years ago
I so wish to have sex with her. She can show heaven in the bed room.
Jim 6 years ago
Women that treat their men like that are wonderful, those saggy Tits are perfect for wrapping around your clock and that flat stomach can hold a lot of cum...fill this whore up. One time I had both my neighbors treat me one licking my ass and the other treating my cock. They both ate my cum from each other's used pussies. It was very hot.
George 1 year ago
Rohit 3 years ago
Nyc sex lucky guy seeing heaven with her
Raj 6 years ago
So hot...
Rosy Mary Jose Varambel 4 months ago
Not Me Damn it.
3 months ago
Very good bitch