Urethral insertion (Cock heel insertion) Compilation - Hot porn to watch

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Ella 8 years ago
Ohhh God, any volunteers? I'll gladly shove my heels up your dicks, so damn hot!!
Damn 10 years ago
I would love to try this, its so strange. How much lube do you need to fit a heal into your urethra. No way would that fit in my dick, it would be interesting to try for a horny fuck like me.
Shed 7 years ago
I can get the whole arm of my wife's sunglasses in my cock even with the curved over ear part right up to and including the bulky hinge.
It was a feeling the like of which I've never felt before and had an almighty powerful orgasm soon after.
Tell me how to upload it someone please.
jippy 3 years ago
would like to try it. Finger insertion are large as the heel. For cock insertion you have to start with items and not sharp
Sham 3 years ago
I love it .. real slave of girls ..
BKD 3 years ago
Incredibly sexy! There isn’t enough about cock sounding and stuffing.
gemma 7 years ago
Does it hurt guyid like to try it out
dirtysouth91 7 years ago
Ell a I'd let you try it
Peter 11 years ago
Different people different favours...
4 months ago
why don't you put your foot heel on his cockhead